Things you can do with a
sphere_sweep (in Pov-Ray)

This tutorial is meant as an exploration of some of the possibilities of sphere_sweeps in Pov-Ray. Below you find a summary of the various chapters.
Although I have tried to exclude mistakes from this tutorial, there remains much to be corrected or improved. Please tell me, in case you become aware of major issues...

A sphere_sweep
The tutorial starts with a general introduction into sphere_sweeps. ()

A random coil
First we use randomly generated positions to define the sphere_sweeps; we start with random coils. ()

An object cover
This chapter demonstrates, how to cover a given object with sphere_sweeps. ()

A cushion plant
A cushion plant is generated in a similar way using a variety of bowls made of random positions. ()

Dichotomous branching
While the cushion plant was only a very rough approach towards branching, here is a more ordered way. ()

Connecting two points
Then we introduce a method to generate "targeted" random sphere_sweeps. In addition we show a possibility to generate additional positions on such sphere_sweeps. ()

The method just mentioned forms the basis for our approach of constructing various branched structures... ()

A sphere_sweep
The approach from the previous chapter is suitable to form intertwined sweeps. Here we show still another way to do so. ()