My name is Thomas Fester. As a scientist I have been working on interactions of plant roots with soil microbes for a number of years (website). This blog, however, is dedicated to a broader view of science and to my interest in graphics (website). My posts will cover various attempts to visualize scientific concepts. You may judge yourself, how this works out. Since I have just finished an approach for the visualization of genome data (website), I will start with a category about “genes and genomes”.  As time passes, other categories will be added.

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  1. Eduardo Ortega says:

    Dear Dr. Thomas Fester
    I have found and download you presentation Life from Soil. It seems very interesting and with excelent pictures, very useful for students understand the plant-soil-microorganisms interactions.
    I have seen that the presentation has been translated. Dr. Paola Bonfante, to whom I know personally has made the translation into Italian. If you agree I would try to prepare a translation into Spanish. It will take some time. It will be my pleasure to help to spread your nice work in the Spanish speaking students and scientists.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Eduardo Ortega
    Laboratorio de Fisiología Vegetal
    Universidad de La Habana

    • tfester says:

      Dear Prof. Ortega,

      thank you for the offer and the nice comment. (I am receiving lots of spam, so it feels good to have true comments from time to time…)

      Anyway, of course you are welcome to prepare a spanish translation. Please tell me when you have finished, so I can link to it.

      Best regards,

      Thomas Fester

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